Education Planning

According to CNBC, a child born in 2017 will face extreme “sticker shock” in paying for a 4-year degree at a private college: the total cost of tuition, fees, room and board is estimated to top $500,000.00 in today’s dollars.  A bachelor’s degree earned in 4 years from a state university is a better value at approximately $200,000.00, but if you’re like most new parents, this still feels out-of-reach.  What’s a parent to do?  Educational planning done with help from Heidi Huiskamp Collins at Huiskamp Collins Investments, LLC , your Quad-Cities financial advisor, can get your family on the right track to successfully fund college for your children.  Heidi takes a “common sense” approach and can show you which college funding tools are right for your family.  529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell College Savings Plans, UTMA and UTGA custodial accounts: we know the best and most tax-advantaged strategies and combinations of strategies to help you navigate the college-saving path for your children or grandchildren.  Let us assist in taking the “guess-work” out of what can look like a painful process.  Heidi says starting early and having a plan in place that fits your family and your budget is key.  Call us today!

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